You Don't Have to Commit to a Shady or Sunny Patio

Homeowners in Cohoes, Troy & Green Island, NY enjoy shade and sunshine with retractable awnings

A shady patio feels comfortable during the dog days of summer, while a sunny patio is perfect for milder days. Who says you can't have the best of both worlds? A retractable patio awning lets you enjoy a shady or sunny patio as you please.

Voss & Company, LLC installs retractable awnings at homes in Cohoes, Troy & Green Island, NY. Contact us today to learn about the products we carry.

Introducing our shop-at-home service

Introducing our shop-at-home service

Shopping for retractable awnings is more convenient than ever in Latham, Cohoes, Troy & Green Island, NY. Our team will bring product samples to your in-home design consultation, which can save you the trouble of…


  • Browsing a limited selection of awnings at a store
  • Spending hours looking at product catalogs online
  • Buying a retractable patio awning that doesn’t look like you expected




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